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EMC Design for Automotive Electronics

Due to the tremendous increase in the use of electronic devices, ensuring Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) of a full system in its early design phase is becoming one of the major technical issues, especially for automotive manufacturers. Safe and reliable operation must be guaranteed and legal requirements have to be satisfied. From both car-makers and suppliers sides, the electromagnetic problems occur either when integrating electronic devices in their operating environment (cross-coupling, interference) or when dealing with the related EMC regulations (simulation of radiating phenomena due to Common-Mode currents induced on attached cables). As digital devices become smaller and perform at greater speeds, their emissions increase, making a thorough understanding of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) essential for everyone in electrical engineering and design today.

Design guidelines have been created to aid in achieving EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) in automotive electrical/electronic components and systems. None of the material presented herein is new. On the contrary, it is based on well-established EMC measures and techniques, and on specific automotive EMC experience accumulated over the years within Ford Motor Company.

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