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A.H. Systems Inc.
Amplifier Research, Inc.
Applied Electromagnetic Technology, LLC
ARC Technical Resources, Inc Associated Research, Inc.
DJM Electronics
Electro-Metrics, Inc.

Fischer Custom Communications, Inc.
Global Test Supply
Haefely Hipotronics
HV Technologies, Inc.
Instruments for Industry, Inc.
Rohde & Schwarz
Scientific Systems Inc.
Tempest Inc.
Test Equipment Corporation





IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society
This organization provides and promotes EMC-related publications, standards, and conferences.

Electrostatic Discharge Association
This organization provides information and promotes standards relating to ESD.

Electrostatics Society of America
This organization deals with all aspects of electrostatic phenomena.

Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg
EMC Group

University of York
Applied Electromagnetics Research Group

Missouri University of Science and Technology
EMC Laboratory

Automotive EMC
General information for electrical engineers and EMC professionals

ECO Frequency Information System (EFIS)
Search for frequency allocations for all RF services in Europe.