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Component EMC Specifications FMC1278

This engineering specification addresses electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements for electrical and/or electronic (E/E) components and subsystems for Ford Motor Company (FMC)..  These requirements have been developed to assure compliance with present and anticipated domestic and foreign regulations in addition to customer satisfaction regarding the EMC of vehicle E/E systems. 

Download FMC 1278 (Revision2) (Adobe Acrobat file: 3366 KB -- best viewed with Acrobat reader 5.0 or greater)

FMC1278 replaces specification EMC-CS-2009.1.  EMC-CS-2009.1 is no longer available for download on this website.  Requests for this specification should be forwarded to the appropriate design activity within Ford Motor Company.

Editorial updates to FMC1278 can be made at any time and without prior notification to the user.  It is recommended that the user check this site to verify they have the latest copy of the specification.

FMC1278 contains several changes in both requirements and test method as compared to EMC-CS-2009.1.   Click here for a summary of the differences between these two documents. 

EMC testing methods described in FMC1278 may be facilitated by a wide variety of commercially available test equipment.  However, certain pieces of test equipment have been evaluated by Ford Motor Company and found to be acceptable for use when performing EMC testing per FMC1278.  Click here for a listing of this equipment and its relevant usage.

Processes associated with the FMC1278 are found in a separate specification called FMC1279.  Processes include Test Plan Creation Requirements, Data Reporting and Re-Validation requirements.  FMC1279 replaces EMC-P-2009.  FMC1279 is not publicly available, but may be obtained by contacting the appropriate design activity within Ford Motor Company.