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Recognized EMC Test Laboratories

Component and subsystem EMC testing performed per either FMC 1278 or FMC 1280 is limited to EMC test laboratories formally recognized by Ford Motor Company.  Ford Motor Company will not accept test data from any other laboratory.   Click here for a description of the process for recognition per FMC 1278. 

Recognition per FMC 1280 is currently limited to existing suppliers of HV commodities Ford Motor Company in addition to select independent labs previously identified by Ford.  Recognition of additional labs is based on a needs assessment by Ford Motor Company for specific regions.

Note that some laboratories cannot perform all required test methods listed in FMC1278 or FMC 1280.  These exceptions are noted for each laboratory.

Click Here to Download List of Recognized Labs per FMC 1278  (MS Excel file)

Click Here to Download List of Recognized Labs per FMC 1280  (MS Excel file)